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Instrument Repair

Instrument Repair

Broken Instrument? No Problem! A&G Music Center does expert instrument repair in Delaware County, PA. Contact Us Today at 484-452-6413.

Instrument Repair

A&G Music Center offers instrument repair services for all instruments at our Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania location . It is very important for a musician to have their instruments performing and sounding as well as they possibly can. Whether you are just trying to get a few scratches out of a guitar’s finish or have the entire electronics system re-wired, we can help!

Getting your instrument adjusted can make a huge impact on its overall tone and playability. Although most instruments leave the factory in great condition, wear and tear from regular use most certainly affects the instrument. A fresh adjustment will have your gear sounding like brand new again!

Quality Gear lasts a Lifetime if properly maintained!

Our experienced instrument repair technicians will get your equipment back up to working order in no time! Besides being the area’s best instrument repair shop, we also offer music lessons in Delaware County, PA for guitar, bass, piano, drums  & percussion, ukulele, alto, tenor and soprano saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, vocals, music theory and composition for all skill levels. Visit our Music Lessons page for more information and to sign up give us a call today to sign up! Our store location holds inventory from the industry’s biggest brand names at competitive prices, whether you need to purchase a guitar pick, a new case or even a brand-new guitar, we have it all and so much more!

Guitar Repair and Luthier Services with Pete Sollberger!

Pete started working on guitars the day he purchased his first guitar. It was a friend’s old guitar that had been sitting in a closet for a couple of years, and it was in dire need of a cleaning and a setup. Within 30 minutes of getting the guitar, it was completely disassembled. Pete cleaned and polished all the parts, re-
soldered the output jack and started to reassemble all the parts. The next morning Pete met his friend in music class and showed him his old guitar. It “looked good as new and played better than new” and when he asked if Pete if he could do the same thing to his guitar, he knew he had found a niche. Pete worked on every guitar he could get his hands on throughout high school and in his years in the Airforce. After Pete got out of the Airforce he wanted to expand his skills, so he attended John Marshall’s “Luthiers International” school outside Atlanta Ga. There he learned the ins and outs of the luthier trade and expanded his skills. Over the last 20 years, Pate has worked on acoustic guitars from the 1870’s, archtops from the 20’s, the first electrics of the late 20’s and early 30’s to the latest guitars with active electronics and exotic materials. Pete has been at A&G Music for 3 years and we can perform practically any repair, maintenance or modification on all types and brands of guitar and bass instruments. Come see Pete today!

Other Services

Consignment Sales
Looking to get rid of some gear? A&G Music Consignment Program allows you to sell your musical gear with minimum effort! Sell your gear fast!


A&G Music Center offers: Padding, Re-Corking, Regulation, Adjustment, Cleaning, Polishing, and more for all woodwind instruments.


Dent Removal, Soldering, Chemical Cleaning, Valve Repair, Pulling Slides & Mouthpieces, and more for all brass instruments.


Bow Rehairing, Bridge Replacements, Adjustments, Structural Repairs, and more for all string instruments.

And More!

We also repair Electronic Keyboards, Pianos, Drums and Percussion, Amplifiers, and many more musical instruments!